Sunday, November 1, 2015

It’s Not Just What You Ask, It’s How

How you ask a question of a witness is every bit as important as the subject matter of the question, for the simple reason that the way you ask your question can greatly influence the response.

Choose words that presuppose the response you want to hear. For example, asking "How long did that go on?" will usually prompt a very different response than "How soon was it resolved?" “How long” implies the situation went on for quite some time. “How soon” implies the situation was resolved fairly quickly. "How many people were involved?" implies many people were involved. "Who else was involved?" implies just a few people were involved.
Other common examples are: "How fast was the car going?" (suggests high speed). "At what speed was the car traveling?" (suggests more moderate speed). "How far was the intersection?" (suggests the intersection was far away). "How near was the intersection?" (suggests the intersection was close by).  

As you craft your direct and cross questions, once you’ve got down the information you’re after, hone your questions so the words you use encourage and support the answers you want.

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