Friday, April 3, 2015

Your Client, Expert, and Witness E-Impressions Matter! Manage Them Well

What is written has more weight than what is said. Always. That is why, when something is important, we write it down. That is why, in any courtroom, jurors will believe documents over witness testimony.

Unfortunately, clients often forget this, if they even ever stopped to think about it in the first place. And the handy “delete” button on our various devices leads one to believe that whatever is written in emails or texts, or posted in the social media doesn’t really exist in the same way a written document does. We now know all too well the inaccuracy of that belief.

Educate your clients, expert and lay witnesses! E-impression is just as important as the impression your client, witness or expert makes on entering the courtroom. You need to know what e-impression already exists, should damage control be required, and emphasize to your clients, experts and witnesses the absolute necessity of being vigilant about their current e-impression.

The same goes for your team. They must manage their e-impression with the same care they manage all other aspects of their practice.

There is nothing evanescent about virtual reality; in a certain sense, it is, or certainly can be, in perpetuity. Poster, beware!

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