Monday, February 3, 2014

Address Americans’ Overriding Concerns: Safety & Trust

An unfortunate statistic came to light recently: the United States now leads all other countries in terms of anxiety. Fully 31% of our population will experience an anxiety disorder during their lifetime, according to the World Health Organization. Contrast this against the 4.8% of the Chinese population (one of the lowest) or even the 25.3% of the Columbian population (the next highest to the USA).

We live in one of the most affluent societies in the world, and yet the majority of our population does not feel safe. Safety is, put bluntly, Americans’ overriding concern.

How does this matter to you? Whether you are plaintiff or defense, you must take into account how your jurors will perceive the safety factors inherent in your case. This does not merely apply to product liability, med mal or personal injury cases, where safety concerns are usually obvious. This applies equally to business contracts cases, disputes over IP, even eminent domain.

Safety, you see, isn’t just about physical safety. Safety is also about emotional safety, the ability to trust--to trust self and others, to trust those we deal with day to day, be they drivers or doctors or everything in between, to trust businesses, corporations, and other institutions. When you can’t trust someone or something, you don’t feel safe.

Americans’ overriding concern is safety. Pay attention to the safety and trust issues in your case, and address them appropriately.

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