Friday, May 31, 2013

Win Your Case by Winning Client Cooperation!

It’s often said that the practice of law would be great if it weren’t for clients . . . Clients, of course, are what drive your business, so like it or not, part of a successful practice is learning how to deal with difficult clients.

Most clients don’t set out to be difficult, but in their frustration, anxiety or fear, they are difficult. Given that understanding, one way to assure easier interactions with your clients, is to tell them up front what to expect. This will allay their fears to some extent, which in turn will usually make them less difficult to deal with.

Let your client know, at the beginning of the relationship, that the unexpected will crop up as you handle their case. This isn’t a maybe, it’s a guarantee. Every case has its unanticipated events. Sometimes that unexpected situation will be to your client’s advantage, sometimes not. Let your client know that you will promptly inform him or her of the bumps and hurdles as they come along, as well as inform them of how you expect to deal with said bumps and hurdles.

Ask your client how they prefer to be informed: by email, phone, never on a Friday, only in the afternoon, whatever. Your client may not like whatever you need to inform them of, but they will feel kept in the loop, and in the manner they have said they prefer. This, in and of itself, will often soothe your fitful client, for you have acknowledged and respected their preference, which in turn is likely to make things a little easier for you through the life of the case.

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