Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Changing Face of Jury Pools

The Superior Courts in Riverside and Murrieta have childcare available for jurors. They accept children three years and older, who are potty trained. A quick internet search of California Superior Courts shows three other locations offering pretty much the same service: Redwood City, Compton & Fresno.

Although there are too few Courts offering childcare for this to impact all jury pools, it is a trend which could very well develop quickly. Courts need more willing jurors, and this is an intelligent approach to the problem. After all, significant segments of the population are regularly excused from trials due to childcare obligations. We’re not just talking about young Moms, but also fathers who are taking over childcare for working Moms, single and/or gay Dads, and the traditional grandmothers and aunts who provide such services for family.

Jurors with young children have a different order of concerns, and often a different lifestyle (sleep deprived, exist in a child-centric universe). Depending on your case, introducing these jurors into the mix means looking at your case also through these jurors’ eyes, something you may not have had to do heretofore.

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