Friday, October 2, 2009

How Knowing Your Jury’s Worldview Gives You Impact

Facts are important. Facts are foundational. Facts are critical to your case. However, even with powerful well-documented facts on your side, if you can’t place those facts in a context, into a story that makes sense to and appeals to your jurors’ worldview – you risk losing your case.

What’s your jurors’ worldview? It’s whatever is primary in your particular jury pool’s day to day life. For example, generally speaking, the recession preoccupies all of us, but specifically, is your jury pool more threatened by layoffs or a lack of buying power? By having to take on second jobs to make ends meet, or not having any jobs to take on?

This is one of the avantages of focus groups. When mock jurors are properly recruited from your particular jury pool, they can tell you a lot about your eventual panel’s worldview. About how your story is or is not supported by that worldview.

Now you have impact in the Courtroom.