Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jurors and The Lie

The first mark of a person worthy of juror respect is honesty, someone who doesn’t lie, cheat or steal. Persons – or entities – can be guilty of all manner of wrong-doing, but as long as they don’t lie about it or try to cover it up (cheating & stealing the truth), jurors will be more forgiving.

Why is this important? Because jurors, as impartial and reasoned as we would like them to be – aren’t. Jurors are people first, jurors second, and people all over the world are motivated by their emotions. Emotion literally means “to move.”

So, whether you are defense or plaintiff, if you can show how the other side’s client/witnesses lied, cheated or stole, you are more likely to rouse the jurors to righteous indignation or downright anger.

With that, you can help move the jurors over to your interpretation of the facts. And that’s what winning your case is all about.

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